Group and corporate trips

Put aside the hard task of planning your business trips! With Dcobys Travel you have the opportunity to plan and coordinate from flights and transfers, to lodging and assistance in one single place. We also provide you with all the help you need in visa procedures, creation of itineraries, national or international travel logistics, and any other requirement you may have.
If you do not want to miss this opportunity to motivate and encourage your collaborators, we work together with you to design the awards and motivation and integration activities so you get the most out of your group or corporate trip.

This is how we want you to be able to concentrate on living this unique experience, so we also offer you the services of designing and sending of the guest list, the corporate souvenirs of your trip, as well as searching for the best destination according to the objective you want to convey.

Similarly, we know that nowadays social networks play an important role to improve the brand positioning in the mind of your customers, which is why we offer the publication of the content of your trip in digital media so you can expand the reach of your brand.

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Understanding how exhausting it is to design itineraries for your business trip, we have incorporated technology that allows us to coordinate and track flights, transfers, lodging, international assistance, and any other requirement that you have for your group when they are away from your usual place of work.

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