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Regardless of the objective of your corporate event, we specialize in providing the best solutions to be organized and carried out in the best way. In Dcobys Travel you can find the best location for your event, the best story-tellers, motivators and speakers, plus all the necessary logistics on the site, along with all the food services for your guests, all in one place.

It does not end there.

We are committed to provide the most complete solution, so we also assist you with the design of integration and recognition activities so that you keep your employees motivated.

Likewise, we understand the time and work that management of guests for your events require, so we assist you with the designpreparation and sending of the guest list, as well as their registration during the event and all the corporate souvenirs, so that you no longer have to worry about this. If the assistants require assistance with visa procedures and creation of itineraries, we also provide all the national or international travel logistics services.

We also know the importance of promoting the event in the media, so that everyone knows the success it has had in order to achieve the desired recognition, so we help you with the posting and publication in social networks and media to achieve the desired scope.

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If you are looking to talk about commercial or business issues, we help you with the design, organization and logistics of your meetings so you project the best image to your clients, suppliers, collaborators and partners from the beginning.