Corporate group integration (26-50pax)

$348.00 USD

Keep the highest levels of performance on your team! At Dcobys Travel we collaborate with you to design the appropriate recognition and integration activities to maintain synergies and group motivation especially for your company.
We also assist you with the design and elaboration of prizes so you give the recognition the most outstanding deserve. We are committed to your goals, that is why we acquire all the necessary tools for the group integration, and also we implement a measurement so you know the results of the activities.

On the other hand, we can provide all the necessary assistance to your team with visa procedures, creation of itineraries, and national or international travel logistics, so you can focus on giving them the best motivation and experience.

Additionally, we want you to fully enjoy the integration, so we assist you with the design, preparation and sending of the guest list, as well as the diffusion in social networks so you strengthen the corporate image that you project to both internal and external clients.


Enriching individual experiences and group consciousness will allow you to enhance the valuable contributions that each member of the company has to make. We assist you with the design and execution of activities for collaborators, managers and directors that aim to motivate and identify strengths to achieve highly productive results in the different areas of the organization.


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