Business Congresses

Business Congresses, Keep yourself and your team updated with the latest advances in the sector

That is why we select the best speakers and industry leaders for you to keep your collaborators updated and in constant professional growth.

We want you to give your assistants the most complete experience, so with Dcobys Travel you can find the best location for your event according to the objective of your congress, as well as all the necessary logistics on site so you can communicate your messages in the most effective way, along with all the food services to give your guests the best attention and comfort.

On the other hand, if you need assistance with visa procedures and creation of itineraries for the congress attendees, we put our national and international travel logistics services at your entire disposal.

Similarly, we understand the work required to manage guests, so we offer our help for the registration of attendees during the event, in addition to everything related to design and sending of guest lists and souvenirs, so you do not have to worry about those details that add up in importance for the development of your event.

If you also want to take advantage of this important congregation space to continue motivating your team, we offer assistance in designing the appropriate recognition and integration activities to maintain the synergies inside your company.

Likewise, we know the importance of promoting the event in different media in order to achieve visibility in the market, so we assist you with the posting and publication on social networks in order to achieve thatrecognition in the industry.

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Business Congresses, Keeping employees, clients and associates updated with new knowledge and techniques will allow your company to adapt to new market trends, as well as improving the levels of professional growth in your organization. Design, planning and organization of events sponsored by industry leaders.

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