Consulting in corporate events

$174.00 USD

Concentrate on the truly fundamental of your corporate event! Our experienced team will assist you with the search of the appropriate profile of participants for your event, as well as with the gathering of the contact data of profiles previously approved and authorized by you, so that you do not leave behind any details in the organization of your meeting.
It does not end there. We also understand that the process of managing guests can be exhausting, so we help you with the sending of the guest list, in addition to the follow-up and confirmation to ensure attendance of the number of participants you request, so you do not have to worry any more because of the attendance.

This is how we share with each participant all the information necessary for their arrival at the event, including date, time, address, in addition to the Google Maps locations and nearby parking, to ensure that there are no issues. Finally, we send you a report that includes everything you need to know about the attendees.


The effort to identify guests that generate value when you want to launch a product, service, renew your brand or any type of corporate meeting, requires a very special dedication. Dcobys Travel identifies, confirms and does follow up so eachone of the attendees are present at your event.


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