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We know that you want to give the best attention to your guests during your events. With Dcobys you can make it a reality thanks to our development of the best local, international and thematic menus. In the same way, we provide you the kitchenware (plates, cutlery, glasses, glassware, tablecloths, napkins, among others), as well as an excellent service of hosts, captain of waiters, maître, waiters, sommelier and chef. We also offer you the most suitable table assemblies and floral arrangements, in addition to home delivery.

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If what you want is to make your guests fall in love by their palate, let us take care of the catering of your event. We assist you with the design of menus, coffee stations, cocktails and tastings with experts. We include an excellent service and if formality is what you want, protocol at the table is one of our greatest values.


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