Corporate Conventions

We agree that group motivation is essential for your team to continue giving their best.

For this reason, we choose the best story-tellers, motivators and speakers to keep your employees encouraged to give their best. In the same way, we design the most appropriate recognition and integration activities according to the requirements of your company, so that you continue motivating them to give their full potential. Equally, we assist you with the design and elaboration of prizes to the most outstanding ones.

If you also require assistance with the location search, with Dcobys Travel you can be sure that you will have all the details covered. In accordance with the objective you want to communicate, we take care of finding the best location for your event, as well as providing all the logistics and means necessary for you to interact with your team, along with all the food services to give your guests the attention they deserve.

We want the organization of your convention to be as efficient as possible.

This is how we also assist you with the search, confirmation and follow-up of your guests. In addition, we offer your team and guests the best advice on flight itineraries, hotels, transfers, on-site activities, either nationally or internationally.

Additionally, we offer you the service of diffusion in social networks and media, so that you can project to the market the importance of your corporate convention.

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If you are looking to talk about commercial or business issues, we help you with the design, organization and logistics of your meetings so you project the best image to your clients, suppliers, collaborators and partners from the beginning.